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With average tabs for bathroom remodeling ranging from $5,000 to $50,000-plus, homeowners are looking for luxury features they can indulge in every day. Ten or 15 years ago, everyone put in the big whirlpool tubs. They took up a lot of space, cost a fortune to fill and people never used them or used them infrequently..

The shower industry has caught on to this desire for luxury and created 'super showers,' so you can get the luxury whirlpool experience without having to wait 20 minutes for the tub to fill. When people want to upgrade their bathrooms and don't have [extra] space, more and more we're seeing them give up the tub for the super shower."

Showers must be built to withstand the dirt, grime and most importantly to not leak! We are professional shower remodeling contractors. We know just how to build or remodel your shower to ensure its longevity. When considering a remodel or shower renovation please consult with a bathroom remodeling professional. The remodeling of a shower or bathroom is completely different than any other room in your home. If not properly constructed it can cause severe damage that may not be noticed for years.

Real estate pros say it's important to keep at least one bathtub in your home for resale value, but homeowners with multiple full baths often prefer showers in the master bath and in bathrooms used by overnight guests. In fact, nearly 36 percent of households that remodeled a full bath in 2010 added a separate shower stall, up from 28  percent in 2009. The conversion depending on what kind of shower is going to be installed can be completed in as little as 4 days. This is also a great option for elderly or disabled  people who want a safer and easier way to bathe.

When you consider changing a bathtub into a shower, make sure that it's the right move for you, your family and your home.  Here are a few things to consider:

1. Future family expansion (kids love the bathtub!)?
2. At least 1 bathtub in the home?
3. Is the shower going to be big enough?
4. Home resale value?
5. Which bathtub in the house and why that one?

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Handicap Showers Contractors

Custom showers are a great way to relax after a long day. We can build one to fit your needs and lifestyle.  When you are in the planning stage of your shower remodeling project don't forget the accessories to enhance your shower experience.

Niches - (A square insert in the wall for shampoo bottles or shaving cream)
Corner Soap Dishes - They come in many different shapes, colors, & sizes.
Wall Mounted Soap Dish - Positioned on a flat wall (Limited colors).
Footrest - A small corner shelf positioned about 12"- 24" above the shower floor for leg shaving.
Shower seats - What a great way to relax after a long day. Available in many different styles & colors.
Dual Shower Heads/Faucets - A great showering experience.
Grab Bars - Available in many finishes and styles.

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Water damage is a common problem often found in shower walls or just outside of the shower on the bathroom floor. The most common reasons are from a shower pan liner that was not installed properly, missing or aged silicone, missing or cracked grout, or your shower or bathtub has surpassed it's life span. A bathroom remodeling professional can usually repair the leak without removing all of the shower walls. If you have a leaking shower please contact us to explore all of the options for your leaking shower repair. Symptoms that often occur from water damaged shower walls are:

1. Wetness or dampness directly outside the shower

2. Discoloration in the baseboard or ceiling below

3. Loose tile

4. Cracked or missing grout

5. Heavy buildup of mildew around the shower/tub base

6. A musty odor

If these symptoms go unchecked, they can usually lead to extensive damage. However, if caught early repairs can often be kept to a minimum.

We recommend having your shower and tub re-silicone annually. It's your first line of defense against water penetration that can seep into the walls. Missing and damaged grout are also major contributors to water damage.

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Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz

Bathing and showering is something that is a very difficult task for disabled people. The great thing about handicap showers is that they can be built to meet your personal needs and availability of space. We do not install fiberglass units. These units are made from molds and limit you to the location of grab bars, shower seats, and faucet type / location. This is extremely important depending on your disability. Why decrease the value of your largest invest with a fiberglass or plastic shower stahl that is still not going to provide you with the bathing assistance you need? Most people think that it is cheaper to have a fiberglass unit installed instead of a tiled shower..... Not True!  Maintain the value of your home with a beautiful functional shower that will make your bathing experience easier and enjoyable.