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After being in the remodeling business for over 20 years I have seen it all. Your Vinyl pan installation in your shower is the most crucial part of your shower drainage system and protection against leaks. About 90 percent of the time the Pest Control inspector will usually discover your shower leak when it is a shower on the main level. When your shower is on the second or third level of your home, most homeowners notice water in a light fixture or discolored ceilings below the shower. When remodeling or repairing a shower, there are many steps to take to prevent such leaks from happing in the future. New products have arrived to the shower market over the years stating to be “Leak Proof”. Well, if it is properly installed then it can be. I can tell you that I have seen every system fail due to improper installation. Let me provide you with an evaluation of your leaking shower pan and provide you with a detailed step-by-step written estimate on how your shower pan replacement should be completed.

Water damage is a common problem often found in shower walls or just outside of the shower on the bathroom floor. The most common reasons are from a shower pan liner that was not installed properly, missing or aged silicone, missing or cracked grout, or your shower or bathtub has surpassed it's life span. A bathroom remodeling professional can usually repair the leak without removing all of the shower walls. If you have a leaking shower please contact us to explore all of the options for your leaking shower repair. Symptoms that often occur from water damaged shower walls are:

1. Wetness or dampness directly outside the shower

2. Discoloration in the baseboard or ceiling below

3. Loose tile

4. Cracked or missing grout

5. Heavy buildup of mildew around the shower/tub base

6. A musty odor

If these symptoms go unchecked, they can usually lead to extensive damage. However, if caught early repairs can often be kept to a minimum.

We recommend having your shower and tub re-silicone annually. It's your first line of defense against water penetration that can seep into the walls. Missing and damaged grout are also major contributors to water damage.

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Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz

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Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz