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One of your first steps in the bathroom or shower remodeling phase will be to locate the products you want in your home. Do you want a heated tile floor? Do you want your tile installed straight, diagonal, or brick pattern? Claw foot bathtub? Fiberglass bathtub? Vanity or pedestal sinks? Granite, Marble, or a solid surface counter top? Do you want to go modern or restore the bath to the age of the home? These are all choices that should be decided prior to calling a contractor. There are so many options and choices it can become over whelming. Part of our job is to provide you with our experience and sources to help you in this process. In the long run, it will prevent any disruption or delay during the repair or renovation of your project. I have listed a few sources below to help you.  On our “Suppliers” page you will find a few direct links to help you in your search.

When you receive your bathroom or shower remodeling estimate it may look different from other contractor’s estimates. That's because our estimates are in written form and have every product listed that we are going to install in your bathroom or shower. Most of our competitors don't even know what their sub-contractor is using to install your products. Some just go to the "Big Box" store and just grab something off the shelf. Knowing what is going to be installed in your home is extremely important for just a couple of reasons- 1. You want to make sure that the product is installed to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you will be able to receive a warranty. 2. Products like thin-set (for setting tile, marble, & stone) and grout are very important depending on the type of shower or bathroom. 3. You want to make sure you are getting what you paid for!

Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz
Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz
Rich Sowinski in williamsburg, VA on Houzz

Our Bathroom Remodeling Suppliers

We want to make your product selection for your bathroom remodel or shower remodel an exciting and enjoyable experience. We work with over 50+ suppliers to ensure that you will be able to locate all of the products you desire for that functional relaxing bath or shower you deserve. We have product suppliers for your bathroom remodeling in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, Gloucester, Urbanna, Mechanicsville, Richmond, and Midlothian. You can even use your own suppliers or maybe you have already started purchasing products for your bathroom.  No matter what, we are here to help you in the product selection process. Beware, some of our competitors will come to your house with 3 options for tile choices or a “special price” product. Do not fall for this. The options are endless and purchase your products from vendors that offer variety and choices. Often, purchasing products from a specialty store or reputable website will save you money and time. We will provide you with an ample amount of choices to help you locate that special tile, vanity, toilet, shower door, and more for your bathroom remodel.